Last Updated On: 24/02/2017
Tenders in BBNL
S.No.Title & Ref.NoPublished DateBid-Submission/Closing DateTender Opening DateCorrigendum/Addendum Details
1 Tender No: CGM/ BBNL/RAJ/Tender/Vehicle Hire/2016-17/4 Dated 24-02-2017 for hiring of light commercial motor vehicles for use in offices of BBNL Jaipur, Kota and other Area(Rajasthan) 24/02/2017 17/03/2017 18/03/2017 Click
2 Tender No: BBNL/CG/RYP/Tender/Vehicle-Hire/2017-18 Dated 11.02.2017 for Hiring of Light Commercial Motor Vehicles for Use in the offices of BBNL Raipur. 11/02/2017 04/03/2017 04/03/2017 Click
3 Tendert No: BBNL/BR/Tender/Outsourcing of Support Services/2016-17 for Outsourcing of Office Support Services for the office of BBNL Bihar Patna. 01/07/2016 1 Click
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